Centennial Park Fountain

Take a your students on a field trip to Atlanta! It is the capital city of the Southeast. It has become the best example of the New South, a fast-paced modern city proud of its heritage. Civil Rights leaders moved forward here and saw a new South emerge.

Visit the birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King and get a behind-the-scenes look at a 24-hour news channel by visiting the CNN Center. A visit to the 600-ft. granite dome at Stone Mountain will reveal the Confederate Memorial Carving of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and “Stonewall Jackson.”

Customized Itineraries Can Include:

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So Much to do…So Little Time

Possible visit points your Alanta field trip can include: World of Coca-Cola, CNN Studio tour, Atlanta Cyclorama, Stone Mountain Park, Atlanta Underground, Georgia Aquarium, Martin Luther King Jr. National Site, Fernbank Museum of Natural History and Planetarium

College tours options would include: Emory University, Georgia Tech, Spelman College and Morehouse College.

Tour Packages Include

Multi-day packages include round-trip transportation by deluxe motor coach, tour escort, all admission fees to attractions, detailed activities and itineraries, all meals, and accommodations at nationally recognized hotels.

Teachers are complimentary based on ratio chosen by school.

Sunshine State Standards

Sonshine Educational Tours to Atlanta include interdisciplinary learning activities and experiences that align with Florida’s Sunshine State Standards, including the following:

Social Studies (SS.B.1.3.4) The student understands how factors such as culture and technology influence the perception of places and regions.

Social Studies (SS.A.2.3.1) The student understands how language, ideas, and institutions of one culture can influence other cultures (e.g., through trade, exploration, and immigration).

Social Studies (SS.A.4.3.1) The student knows the factors involved in the development of cities and industries (e.g., religious needs, the need for military protection, the need for a marketplace, changing spatial patterns, and geographical factors for location such as transportation and food supply).

The Forest From The Trees, by Greg Hoffman

The Forest From The Trees, by Greg Hoffman